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Simply stated Mother Lover, LLC was created to help those assigned female at birth thrive through the lifespan.  I am an occupational therapist on a mission to provide education to women to help them better understand their female anatomy before, during, after, and regardless of pregnancy as well as offer treatment to women of all ages who experience incontinence, pain, and perinatal concerns. With a background as a yoga instructor as well as having done additional training in perinatal mood disorders, I have a unique set of skills that allows me to address the physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle challenges that so often accompany problems in this highly sensitive area. 


I offer one-on-one concierge pelvic floor therapy and pregnancy/pre-delivery consultation in the comfort of my client's own home. By seeing clients in their normal environment I am able to tailor their program to meet their specific needs as well as address environmental consideration in real time.  I am also available for group workshop-style gatherings that focus on education in a fun and interactive setting.  I see clients on Chicago's north shore, north Chicago and in the northwest Chicago suburbs. See my services for more information. 


​Through personal experience with birth trauma, pelvic injuries, and postpartum depression and anxiety, it has become clear that there are big gaps in the information and support that women are getting regarding how their bodies work and the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and the early days of postpartum as well as through menopause and beyond. I am here to empower women with knowledge and practical tools to help them thrive. 

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Email: motherloverot@gmail.com

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