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Helping pregnant moms prepare their bodies, minds, and life for their 4th trimester

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There is so much to prepare for when planning for the arrival of your baby.  This Postpartum Support Care Plan will take some of the guess work out of it.  It will help you and your partner plan for how you will manage life in those early days with a newborn.  

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Welcome! I'm here to help you thrive through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. I came to this work and passion project through experiencing my own struggles after the birth of my first son and I want it to be different for you!

Are you like I was and only hearing about all the "stuff" that you are going to "need" when the baby arrives?  Or how to prepare the babies nursery?  Or perhaps what to wear on the day of delivery? 

Has anyone talked to you about what the heck your body is going through and how to support it during pregnancy and birth? Or how to plan for your 4th trimester so you have the support you need to allow you to rest, recover, and bond with your baby?  If not, my prenatal program is for you >>>

The Prenatal 


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  • 6 one-on-one prenatal sessions

  • Education on physical changes in pregnancy and how to support yourself through the process

  • Physical preparation and exercise to prepare your body for birth utilizing traditional and yoga-informed movement

  • Mindfulness practices to center yourself for birthing and to give you tools to tap into postpartum

  • Personalized guidance for you and your partner to prepare your support system and lifestyle for the demands of a newborn

  • 1 postpartum visit for birth processing and screening for physical or mental health needs

Are you planning ahead for support during your 4th trimester or are you already there and realize you could use some non-bias guidance? Do you want someone to be on-call to answer your questions and support you and your partner through this transition from pregnancy to life-with-baby?

Let me be your partner in postpartum >>>

The Postpartum


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  • 3 months of ongoing support

  • One hour, bi-weekly sessions either in-person or via video or phone call (per client's preference)

  • Guidance in physical recovery and healing

  • Mental health support and resources

  • Support for life and partnership management

  • Ongoing sleep hygiene education for mom and partner

  • Baby-basics support

  • Back-to-work guidance and education

  • Access to help via text, email or video chat with <12 hr response time

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