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Simply stated Mother Lover, LLC was created to help women move from surviving pregnancy and motherhood, to thriving. We are two occupational therapists on a mission to provide education to women who are seeking motherhood, on their journey through pregnancy, and who are new in their role as mothers. We have a unique set of skills that allow us to address the physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle challenges that accompany this life-changing transition. ​


​Through personal experience with birth trauma and postpartum depression as well as through other's shared experience, it has become clear that there are big gaps in the information that woman are getting about pregnancy, childbirth and the early days of postpartum. We are here to empower women with knowledge and practical tools to prepare, recover, and thrive. 


We offer group workshops in a variety of settings in the Chicagoland community. Our workshops break down and address the changing needs of women from preconception, through each trimester of pregnancy and into early motherhood. In addition Abby Waychoff is offers one-on-one pregnancy/pre-delivery consultation and postpartum pelvic floor therapy in the comfort of your home.  See Pelvic Floor Therapy & Consultations for more details.

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Who We Are

Abby Waychoff OTR/L, RYT

Specializing in Pelvic Floor Education and Therapy

Abby completed her undergraduate education in her home state at the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in biology.  Her interest in anatomy and physiology coupled with the desire to work with people led her to Chicagoland where she attended Midwestern University, earning a masters degree in occupational therapy in 2008.  Since then she has worked in a variety of settings though struggled to find her niche until she experienced pregnancy and the birth of her son in 2016.  After a traumatic birthing experience that left her with a perineal laceration, an injured tailbone and pelvic organ prolapse she has discovered a passion for helping and supporting other women through this monumental life shift.


Abby has additional training in pelvic floor rehab through Marquette University and with Herman and Wallace, a leader in the field.  She is currently completing mentoring hours towards biofeedback certification for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and is continually seeking additional training opportunities.  Additionally, Abby completed a yearlong yoga teacher-training course in 2011 through Moksha Yoga in Chicago. Abby offers in-home consultation and treatment for childbirth preparation and postpartum treatment.  

Abby also writes a personal blog "Best and Worst: One Mom's Truth" where she candidly shares her triumphs and stumbles in her life as a mom.

Brandon Larrow OTR/L

Specializing in Health & Wellness Coaching

Brandon began her education at Syracuse University where she majored in child and family studies with a minor in psychology. It was here that she met her first OT during an internship.  This connection prompted her to pursue her masters degree in occupational therapy, graduating in 2008 with her MS of Occupational Therapy from NYU.

Throughout her years of clinical service as an occupational therapist, often surrounded by chronic illness, she became interested in learning more about how to educate the community about preventative healthcare through nutrition.  She enrolled with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach.

Brandon is now a holistic health and nutrition coach who is a practicing certified occupational therapist. She is passionate about bio-individuality, women’s health, and preventative healthcare through nutrition, physical activity, and environmental wellness. She promotes eating for the health of your body and believes that by nurturing your body you can find your way back to feeling like the best version of yourself. Brandon's go-to motivators: “You are what you eat!” and “Listen to your body.”

Email: motherloverot@gmail.com

Phone: 319.929.1224

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