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Hi, I’m Abby and I’m so

glad you’re here!

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I am an occupational therapist, yoga instructor, and most importantly, mom to Orrie and Forrest.  My first son Orrie's birth in 2016 left me reeling.  I hadn’t done much to prepare my body and felt broken with no clue how to take care of myself.  My “baby blues” lasted much longer than I now know is “normal”.  I hadn’t set up adequate support and hadn’t made a plan with my partner to manage day-to-day life tasks.  So there I was, in pain, peeing my pants, doing laundry, dishes, etc, eating on the go or not at all, all while feeling anxious, alone, and depressed.  


This is not how the 4th trimester should be!  Although I have mourned the loss of this precious time with my first born and done things much differently with my second, I am grateful for the experience because it ignited an intense passion in me to help other expectant moms to do it differently and I want to help YOU!

About me

My husband Dan, my two boys, and I live in Highland Park, IL, just outside of Chicago (although I'll always be an Iowa-girl at heart).  In my free time I love spending time at the Lake Michigan beach front that is less than a mile from my home.  I also enjoy family bike rides, waking up early to practice yoga and meditate, and traveling.  I am currently training to be a certified pre/postnatal yoga instructor and I can't wait to start offering more yoga to my clients! I would love to get to know more about you!

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