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How it Works

The before, during, & after of birth preparation consultations


A physician referral is not required for prenatal consultation services. If, during our visits, it becomes apparent that pelvic floor therapy is warranted a providers prescription will be required. 


Prior to your prenatal consultation you will emailed a questionnaire to find out more about what you are hoping to gain from our time together.  


Prenatal consultations are all about you and what you need. We will review your goals and questions in the beginning and structure our time together based on these goals.

Sessions will include lots of education on preparing your body for labor & delivery, discussion and strategizing for your postpartum period, and movement to empower you through the stages of your pregnancy.

All sessions will take place in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 


For those seeking a one-time session, you will be left with practical tools, strategies and practices to empower your pregnancy.  You will be provided with a customized list of resources to help you along in your journey.


For those choosing a 3-session package, you will also receive a postnatal visit at least 6 weeks postpartum to check in with your recovery and provide recommendations and referrals as indicated. 




Prenatal Consultation Services:

  • Single Prenatal Consultation & Education Session (90min): $125

  • Package of 3 Prenatal Sessions (60 min each) + Postnatal screening visit: $275

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