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Because of our unique educational and training backgrounds, we offer workshops for woman that include information on all of the following:

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
Pelvic Floor Preparation and Rehab

Pelvic Floor Preparation and Rehab

In our workshops you will learn about the pelvic floor’s role in the birth of your baby. You will come away with tangible practices you can do while pregnant to prepare your body for childbirth.  You will also learn tools for recovery after giving birth as well as learn about symptoms that would warrant one-on-one pelvic floor therapy. For more information on what the pelvic floor is, why it matters and what pelvic floor therapy looks like, find out more information here>>

Nutritional Health Coaching

Nutritional health coaching offers guidance through fertility and each trimester, including postpartum, often referred to as the 4th trimester.  Women often don't know what they "should" be eating during pregnancy to support their bodies though this rapidly changing transition and how they can use nutrition to support their bodies after giving birth. In our workshops we include information on how to nourish and support mothers and their babies during crucial times of development and healing.

  • nutritional consultation

  • grocery lists 

  • recipes

  • recommendations for supplemental education 

  • support with achieving balance through Ayurvedic principles and whole foods 

Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on environmental adaptation, activity modification, teaching functional and adaptive skills, and educating clients in order to increase participation and performance of daily activities. Simply stated, occupational therapy helps you to live your best life.  


When it comes to bringing home a new baby, your life as you knew it changes dramatically and suddenly.  As OT's, we provide education in group settings to help you plan for this shift.  Although there is no way to be fully prepared for this swift change, we believe that preparing and planning for things that are within your control before welcoming your baby home, can be the difference between feeling like you are thriving or just simply surviving. 


In our workshops we will provide useful recommendations and suggestions for making this transition into motherhood a little less jarring.  Things that we will cover include:

  • Setting up your support system before you need it

  • Planning for how YOU are going to get fed

  • Preparing your environment to support your healing body

  • Identifying partner roles and responsibilities

  • Introduction to “Mommy Ergonomics”—in other words, how to prevent repetitive strain injuries

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